Roblox Banana Eats • By RyCitrus Halloween update


Roblox Banana Eats • By RyCitrus Halloween update, This one is Screaming Check me out What an interesting name to say the least leaves you wondering what could a banana Eat At least it does me.

Banana Eats • 🎃


Latest Updates: 🎃 Part 1 🎃
🎁Use code “BOONANAEATS” for a free Peel skin!
• NEW MAP! Banana Manor by @Fujisockie and paintings by @EZCatArt
• NEW Halloween Bananas and Beacons!
• And more!

Banana Hunts. Banana Finds. Banana Eats. Hide from Banana, complete hidden puzzles, and escape when exits open! Can you survive the killer banana?

Get bonus coins every round with Premium!
Follow @RyCitrus on Twitter for new codes and more!

@Pandatzky – Thumbnail & Icon
@Zamual (SoundCloud) – Round Music
@BeetBowl – Banana’s Bash Fun Center, Plantain Cabins
@Fujisockie – Banana Manor
@EZCatArt – Banana Manor Paintings

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