ManticoreGames Hive Dive By randomphantom Halloween Edition LastManStanding BattleRoyale


ManticoreGames Hive Dive By randomphantom Snoopy Halloween Edition LastManStanding BattleRoyale, Roblox Hype Inc Dreams of the day or bringing last man Standing in victory Secure the Golden Crown we will be looking at this add it to the Spooktastic List.

Hive Dive Snoopy Halloween Edition


Inspired by Fall Guys Hexagone level.
Survive and be the last man standing by navigating the honeycomb tiles and avoid falling into the pink goo.
Can you secure the golden crown?
This is the Spoopy Halloween Edition!

Left Mouse Button to do an airdive while midair. Press and hold Right Mouse Button to grabhold of someone, but be careful of knockback!
Stepping on tiles gains you XP, which you can level up to unlock new skin


V1.0.31 - Oct 21, 2020

Halloween night is approaching and the skeletons are out in full party mode!

NEW: Daily Reward! Log in daily to gain extra hex tiles.

SPECIAL EVENT: For a limited time up to October 31, collect hex tiles to spend on halloween costumes! There are 9 costumes to unlock.

Introducing Mr Pumpkin Jack! He doesn't talk much but he can be kind of friendly, a little too friendly sometimes…He likes getting up close and personal with players that are on top. (He doesn't respect social distancing)
(Credits to CircleToons for the fantastic Halloween pumpkins!)

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