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Dragon's End MMO RPG (Alpha) by Fuddy, New This is a new one on the List at MAnticord Roblox Hype hasn't checked this one out just yet we hardly have time to check all the games we post about or all the new game it is a heyday for the game we are flooded with New game on all platforms to look at this day we are trying to focus best we can on Roblox we are adding Manticoregames Because it relates to Roblox and wee think the Idea of a Teen and aDult Roblox Style Gaming platform is a great Idea Think if given the chance it can go a long way.

It usually takes a

Dragon's End MMO RPG (Alpha)

Dragon's End features a number of quests, dynamic events & open world exploration with more still being added.
Join our Discord to get updates, leave feeback and report bugs:
Still very much a work in progress and updated frequently. Please expect large balance changes and possibly stat resets.

After a long journey you've arrived at the docks of the island town called Dragon's End.
Named for the ruins upon which it was built it is clamied the former town was destroyed when a dragon woke from beneath the island and destroyed everyone and everything that lived there. An age of time has passed since then and the newly founded town of Dragon's End has so far had a peaceful existence until now. However, recently there has begun frequent rumblings beneath the ground. Undead and viscious beasts come up from the ruins below hinting at a bigger threat deep below.

** There is a known issue where sometimes combat breaks. I believe I have fixed it but testing is still ongoing. If this occurs you may need to log out and let the server instance spin down and wait for a new one to start. Thanks for your patience!

Bugs can be reported to our discord server:

V1.0.83 - Oct 24, 2020

Join our Discord to get updates, leave feeback and report bugs:

  • Fixed the discord link!
  • Added 3 New Events! Sproutlings, The Pump-kin, and Oh My Gourd!
  • Added Pumpkin Head equipment to the equipment collection.
  • Event NPC spawn changes and fixes.
  • Treant NPCs and Event
  • Added Bat Event
  • Increased Drop rate of Rare items slightly. Bosses will now sometimes drop multiple items.
  • Fixed an audio issue during the Dewey Decimated boss' attack
  • Rare equipment is obtained you can purchase shards for it from the blacksmith's rotating shop with Amethyst currency
  • Daily Quests now reward with Amethyst currency
  • Added UI HUD indicators for events and for the blacksmith
  • Fixed an issue that caused some new weapons not to drop
  • Fixed issue with stats display on forge
  • Added point of interest HUD UI indicator to better direct players toward events
  • Enlarged hit boxes for many melee weapons
  • Players who previously achieved 200k+ XP will instantly be granted the new apprentice staff weapon on return
  • A new Stat Sheet system has been implemented. Damage is now calculated based on your character stat sheet.
  • Armor is now upgradable at the forge
  • New weapons, costumes, and hat/helms have been added
  • Bosses now drop loot that can be rolled on
  • Adjsutments have been made to XP rewards and item drops
  • Loot is now individualized and players can no longer pickup other player's loot drops

Quests, Daily Quests, Active Events, & Equipment Upgrades!
New NPCs and Equipment Collection added. Visit the town blackmith to upgrade your weapons.
Chests, Enemies and Events now drop weapon upgrade materials.

  • Added Event "Dewey Decimated" it the same Librarian you know and love with some angry upgrades!
  • 3 of the pre-existing quests are now repeatable daily. You will be able to redo the quests the next time when you login to the game 24 hours after you last completed the quest
  • Added XP Leaderboard
  • Added Returning Daggers and Throwing Daggers to weapons collection and loot tables
  • Fixed bugs related to the potions shop and upgrades

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