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ROBLOX Hype Inc. back in the hive one more time creating a Buzz, Yes we will be attempting to get the Night bell again to help me get then stingers for my bee need 250 the to get the vicious bee, to think all the Stingers I used over the last months could have got 3 or more of then bees. My Restaurant! By BIG Games

ROBLOX Hype Inc.we are jumping back in the Simulator Ghost Sim that is we are still upgrading SO we have had a very productive time in the BackDoor today we leveled the pet up and upgraded the antenna so close to being able to carry more pets I know sound silly but you have to save a few at each level you never know when they will be needed and some are so costly and hard to get.

Watch for our Articles on Core Gaming this ine is Billed as the Roblox for older kids and Adults it is Founded by some of From Roblox and has right now a large investment from Epic games. we are going to give Core gaming a run around the block and do some articles on some games and maybe stream some.

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