Fandomfare Kids gaming today New Roblox Game for Halloween we give it a first look

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Zombie GamerPlay Bee Simulator Pushing to Expand the Hive and get a vicious bee Well today Goes to show Some days no matter how many Bees you Play around with you just can't get stung. no vicious bees came out to play today to get their stingers at all. If you like this game you should try Super Power Fighting Simulator

Roblox Hype is not sure if Roblox is still having issues with servers but I know yesterday and through at least some of the night, they were still having Probleme with lag and Items disappearing. and I found more Items missing in the Inventory in Bee swarm simulator today Sprouts and other like Items I have to pick up in games have vanished now these Items were obtained free as Drops for winning battles and such but still the losses are real

Zombie Gamer New Roblox Adventure Spooky Simulator Spooktastic Halloween wow this was great fun we did run into a glitch of some kind in the end or Roblox has an Issue the game froze up and we called it good I hope you Enjoyed your Frist look at this game it is new Released just Yesterday.

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