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ROBLOX Bee Swarm Simulator It's Zombie Time in the Hive wow Big Day here we got the Expansion and our 32nd ee in our hive, thank for all who was out there chatting and watching I had a bit of a delay in replying because I don't have 2 screens but I got there thanks to the new follower out there tine morning and the reminder I wasn't wearing my Red hive pouch. if you Like this you might want to Check out Haunted House! Overlook Bay on ROBLOX

Mr. Plays SPOOPTASTIC MEEP City Adventure ok we did a little Meep City however our for the biggest part we played Impostor this is a great game Ian really has a great time there we recommend it for any who have not tried, it does have a killer but it not a bloody or Shooting game it a who done it mystery game. one of our Feature articles today was for impostor If you Liked this you might also Like Roblox Ghost Among Us RP [HALLOWEEN!]

This is what we have been up to here today on ROBLOX HYPE INC, we are looking doon restoring Fandomfare family game night on Twitch. we did this a few times late in the summer but haven't got back to it since school started kids were adjusting to going to school coming home tired from their day hopefully we can sustain it for a bit.

we are thinking about Holiday Feature for Christmas and New year we will sat discussing this soon about mid-November here on ROBLOX HYPE INC. and Keep you up to day on the ROBLOX holiday updates and Events.

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