Roblox RO-Wizard by Atelier Productions magical school Learn to be Wizard Role Play Maybe you have seen Roblox Hype INC on one or more of our Stream this On Twitch is a very cool Harry potter type Role Play adventure where you go to school Ride Brooms learn and Collect new Spells for Witches and Wizards of all ages

RO-Wizard s Developed by Atelier Productions and Is Very, very popular we have never seen a time where servers were not hopping, Some days the New wizard can get so Zealous and wild with practicing them spell it can be hard to get your start in the game Don’t GIve up if it wasn’t for its popularity and player wouldn’t be much of a game.

🏰RO-Wizard🏰 [BETA]

Welcome to RO-Wizard! This is a game where you learn to become a wizard in a mysterious and magical school. Learn new spells, brew potions, fight other players with magic, and face fearsome monsters!

Many secrets are built on the foundations of this school, and it’s up to you to unearth them!

👍 The game is constantly in development. All feedback, suggestions, and interesting ideas are greatly appreciated! 👍
💞 Like and favorite the game if you’ve enjoyed your time! 💞

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