Roblox Impostor By ArcadeRockstar Are you SUS Play and see


ROBLOX Impostor By ArcadeRockstar you May have seen a video or 2 of Roblox Hype Playing Impostor Or Heard the screams Emergency Meeting or that so SUS Scream somewhere near you Recently these Frases made more Popular with the Rise of this who done it type game.

Impostor Is on the Top of the Heap On Roblox with a number of others this game has found itself the Focus of may Live Game stream and YouTuber game parties online in recent months. I have not checked but it looks as if Halloween may have moved into the game this weekend

impostor is a Roblox game developed by ArcadeRockstar. The game is advertised as heavily inspired Among Us, a 2018 Steam game that became exponentially popular in the summer of 2020.


Here’s a look at a list of all the currently available codes:

  • ROCKTOBER – Redeem code for a free reward! (NEW)
  • GAMER – Redeem code for a free reward!
  • BETA – Redeem code for a free Animal Hoodie!

🎃 Impostor [Beta]

Press E to interact with doors and tasks, or tap the interact button.

❗ SHUTDOWNS = UPDATES, I’m searching for bugs at the moment. If the game is closed, it will reopen soon. Favorite to stay posted.

🔧 This game is in BETA join the communications server to stay updated and report bugs.

☁️ Inspired by Among Us.

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