Roblox Ghost – Chapter 5 By Spirit Studios This game has a Halloween update


Roblox Ghost – Chapters 5 By Spirit Studios. This game has a Halloween update, If you like Ghost Simulator we are recommending you Chek out this New Game That has just had it Halloween update for 2020.

This Game Claims to be Inspired by PIggy and is Much like Piggy or Granny in its play instead of Piggy or Granny, it’s Ghost character in this game. There is currently four Chapters or maps in the game now! Chapter 1 –  Hotel, Chapter 2 – Mansion, Chapter 3 – Basement, Chapter 4 – Hospital and the New Chapter 5 – School Map!

this game has Codes that go with this game Use code “SP00KY” for 80 candies in Ghost!, Use code “H4PPYH4LL0W33N” for 100 candies in Ghost! we have not yet tested these cases they should be active however be quick the Halloween event ends November 6th

Only YOU can save us from The Ghost.

Be the hero that everyone needs or be The Ghost that everyone fears.

🚨 BETA 🚨 This game is in beta. Some features may not work as intended.

UPDATE 5.9.0:

  • Added a new map: School
  • Added Give up and Self Revive features
  • Buffed Devil:
  • Reduced charge time to 0.75 seconds

the Halloween update is starting to come hot and heavy Bloxburg had there Halloween update Adopt me apparently had an update today they were telling of the Live Steam chat Though Double luck is not Halloween they have haunted boards and pets in the store for Halloween already .

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