If you’re a snowflake type who gets easily offended by everything, move on, as there’s nothing for you to see here. However, if “irony” is your middle name, you eat satire for breakfast, and you use LMAO so much it’s in your phone’s dictionary, then the upcoming strategy game CountryBalls Heroes, with all its craziness and absolutely no filter when it comes to political correctness, is for you.

Watch the CountryBalls Heroes Kickstarter trailer HERE if you think nothing is too serious to laugh at.

Add the game to your Steam Wishlist (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1083870/CountryBalls_Heroes/) and support the Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gameops/country-balls-heroes) to make sure YOUR Countryball gets the most votes to result in additional units and heroes on the battlefield. The Kickstarter campaign launches on October 15th, 6:00 p. m. CEST / 9:00 a. m. PDT / 12:00 p. m. EDT / 5:00 p. m. BST.

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CountryBalls Heroes is a crazy, turn-based strategy game full of memes and real-world references. Assemble your army, build overwhelming cities, raise and upgrade your heroes, gather powerful artifacts, and prove that YOUR Countryball is the one to rule them all. Choose your faction consisting of seven unique balls typical to each country and a bunch of heroes you can recruit. Each one of them has a different personality and represents the flaws of a chosen nation – Trumpball, Merkelball, Hillaryball, Karateputinball, Borisball, Polandball – you name it. And yes, Trumpball’s special skill will be building the Wall, while Borisball’s answer to all the world’s problems will, of course, be Brexit.


  • Build your army. Choose from seven playable Countryball factions consisting of 90 units such as plumbers, hussars, priests, drunkards, cowboys, Britons, and more.
  • Recruit heroes. Choose one of the twelve playable characters available to lead your troops, dominate the map, and show who is the most powerful Countryball out there.
  • Use the power of memes, national stereotypes, and flaws in your favor. Just remember that what’s once seen cannot be unseen.
  • Collect hundreds of powerful artifacts. Magic can be very dangerous when entrusted to the wrong hands, so use the artifacts with caution.
  • Face several iconic Countryball villains and vigilantes. Check that you’re truly not as easily offended as you think you are.
  • Fight epic turn-based duels. Get ready for a Campaign Mode based on Countryballs’ most popular memes.

CountryBalls Heroes will become available on Kickstarter on October 15th, and can be added to your Wishlist on Steam.


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