ROBLOX HYPE INC. we Got a late start today we had a lot going on Including Install new Fiber Optic Communications cables.

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Zombie Gamer Roblox Ghost Simulator moving through level 18 the backdoor, well we have a few hours of grinding thereto upgrade our antenna to finish that quest. Double luck event is over it ended yesterday and I have heard nothing of it being extended Don't forget the Code SHOCKER for your Free surprise gift

if you have a Twitch Account and you are a prime member remember to link that to your twitch account for the free Dragon Skeleton and get the free ROBLOX Prime Gaming Gift they dod offer free Items Two or three times a year it well worth watching for

if you like ROBLOX Ghost Simulator by BloxByte you may Also Find you like Phasmophobia on Steam Check our Blog for more info on this game.

ROBLOX HYPE INC. Bee swarm Sinulator Round up we had a great time this afternoon sorry for all the noise the Internet company was in here running all new Fiber optic lines though the building today in the near futrue they will be ready the New 5G fiber line will be ready for use they are still running the wiring outside through the neighborhood I Bleave it will be wireless everything including cable, phone internet security and all. if you ENjoy Roblox Bee Swar Simulator you might all so like Where the Bees Make Honey Available on Steam.

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