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ROBLOX HYPE INC. Ghost Simulator has an Update today LUCKX2 Lets A Go, wow the Luck is wild on Ghost simulator today I pulled 2 goy pets with the little attempt I tried and I saw one godly pull no less than 200 of one godly on the BACKDOOR and was still going when I left the game

If you have had a rough time getting Legendary and godly pets in the game and you can this is the weekend to give GHost simulator your time Double Luck is over on Monday its a short time make sure also have all your luck gumballs ready too almost every spin will be a big win.

the Halloween update is starting to come hot and heavy Bloxburg had there Halloween update Adopt me apparently had an update today they were telling of the Live Steam chat Though Double luck is not Halloween they have haunted boards and pets in the store for Halloween already .

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