Roblox HYPE INC, Ghost Simulator Ghost hunting Dance Party

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Roblox HYPE INC, Ghost Simulator Zombie Gamers Ghost hunting Dance Party, today we did get all out hey bails we should need to be in the barn today the advanced parts we need you collect them from all ghost in the game. Everyone Break out your Vacoume Letus get the Spirt as we Conga

It usually takes a

it was a fairly Productive day, again guys we are having trouble with Facebook they had a copyright issue on out the last video and we used there own copyright free music as a creator we are told is there for us to use we deleted the up load we have Inviting our Viewer to twitch where we will keep most of our gaming and our merch.

Not sure what we will do next there are more and more Halloween updates popping up I was hoping the kids would get into some of them and they are but they are not streaming or record anything that is there choice but not give any indications why they are not making some video they talked about for the last weeks.

we are going to be working and experimenting with music on our streams for a bit so we can have added Excitement during then Long Lather rinse and repeat Grind.

Thanks to all the Followers and Support our Numbers are Starting to move on Twitch and yes we are about ROBLOX HYPE Fandpomfare Kids Gaming not only are we into gaming we look for value Roblox is thousands of game Free to play.

Don't forget to Check out Famdom fare kid youTube we are also on Twitch tv Fandomfare ROBLOX GROUP FamdomFare Kids Gaming we are also Famdomfare on Discord

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