Today ON Ghost Simulator we playing Ghost hunter JAX Quest line

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Today ON ROBLOX Ghost Simulator we playing Ghost hunter JAX Quest line we completed level the pet to 10 and yes we got all the digital bandit ghosts Trojan Horse and hay bales in the barn fined that quest too in the BackDoor.

It usually takes a

were completed collecting Bongo ghosts DJ ghost and Purple notes Burn 200 Item in the furnace Nearly Finished the FInd Purple, not Quest. so we have had a busy day in ghost simulators

Zombie Gamers tips From the Crypt

Today we Played BloxBurg update and my tip is for streamers Before playing Live online Plan out you RollPlay a little Make sure you have all the funds need to complete your roleplay in your stream.

Today's update included babies and all that went along with them and without a good plan for your role play for the fund you would Havea live stream torturing your poor baby without a tub scribe and such leaving it home while you going up the cash not really to good either players as babies are completely dependent.

Thanks to all the Followers and Support our Numbers are Starting to move on Twitch and yes we are about ROBLOX HYPE Fandpomfare Kids Gaming not only are we into gaming we look for value Roblod is thousands of game Free to play.

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