The first multiplayer version of the new Battle Royale game, Light Nite, will be available in early November

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 Satoshi’s Games announced today that its greatly anticipated Battle Royale Game, Light Nite, will introduce the first version of the multiplayer game in early November. Developed and published by Satoshi’s Games, Light Nite has been available since April when the first build for a single player mode was published and marketed mainly to the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets and communities.
With several thousand backers already from the crypto currencies communities, Satoshi’s Games now believes it is the time now to start introducing the game to the rest of the game community before its gold release in Q2 2021.

Light Nite is a multiplayer third person shooter with in-game bitcoin rewards and a minimalistic low-poly & cartoonish design, aiming to offer several game modes including a battle-royale game mode. Bitcoin micro-transactions add a new level of interaction within the game. Currently players can earn as they play in casual mode and withdraw using a Lightning Network wallet. Soon they’ll be able to join competitive mode where they’ll instantly earn or loose bitcoin and assets in the arena. All in-game items are tokenized using the Bitcoin sidechain Liquid, which can be explored in the open explorer This means items have a strong real value that players will be able to increase as they win battles while decreasing scarcity, and then trade to cash out their profits in a public marketplace. Today assets can already be withdrawn to a Liquid-supported wallet, and transferred to any other player.

Light Nite is already available as Early Access at By the end of the year it will be published on Elixir, a new Platform developed by Satoshi’s Games that will allow players:

  • Leverage their years of play time into a bitcoin wallet
  • Cash-out ingame gear and skins inventories
  • Secure uniqueness of in-game items through a scarcity system enabled by its tokenization system: no unlimited editions of skins, all of them accounted for
  • Use a decentralised Marketplace, allowing players to trade items from any of the games in the platform, directly with other players
  • And many other new features that will be disclosed when the platform goes live

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