Clouded Leopard Entertainment Inc. (CEO: Yuen-Yuen Chen) is pleased to announce the worldwide simultaneous release of Japanese developer PrimaryOrbit’s dungeon crawler fantasy role-playing game, Märchen Forest, on Thursday, January 28, 2021 (for PC (Steam), PlayStation®4, and Nintendo Switch™)!

In addition, the limited-edition package version will also contain a deluxe acrylic figurine of the game’s heroine, Mylne, sculpted by a renowned artist (*).

The game’s creator, Shinano Ishiguro, first embarked on this solo project in 2015. Following its release on smartphone, as well as other platforms such as PC (Steam), the game soon gained attention for its unique style. Märchen Forest’s evolution since then has been a direct result of its player community, as all updates and added content are based on fan requests.

To widen the game’s appeal and reach more players, CLE has teamed up with PrimaryOrbit in order to revamp Märchen Forest on a major scale. Visuals were among the many key elements enhanced for the ultimate player experience.

Voice actress Ayana Taketatsu plays Mylne, the heroine, breathing life and excitement into the game’s world, in addition to all-new translations provided by CLE. Märchen Forest can now be played by fans around the globe in simplified/traditional Chinese, Korean, and English!

  • Deluxe Figurine Included in Limited-Edition Package Version

 The limited-edition package version of the Märchen Forest contains a deluxe figurine of the game’s heroine, Mylne, sculpted by Art Presto’s ZERO STUDIO popular artist, Noriyuki Yamaguchi. This figurine is a one-of-a-kind original created specifically for this release (limited quantities available).


  • Opening Theme Performed by Ayana Taketatsu, Voice of Mylne!

 “Konomedoki”, Märchen Forest’s opening theme song, also contains vocals by Ayana Taketatsu, voice of Mylne! The song’s music video was showcased for the first time ever on CLE III Start, a program by Clouded Leopard Entertainment, on October 2nd.

 According to Ayana Taketatsu, it was one of the most difficult songs she has ever performed in her life, referring to the main character Mylne’s chorus line, which paints a more in-depth picture of the fantastical world of Märchen Forest.


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