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Zombie Gamer Roblox Ghost SImulator Questing for Ghost hunter JAX, Another quest Complete the next quest is going to take a load of time we need to get the Gem pack and Funnel almost 15 million will be the cost.

Once again I want to go through this because I had someone in Twitch Chat say they been trying since the game started but they get no better they want to know is if I can give them some stuff we can not give anymore then we already have all the hoverboards I have and the pet I got from game codes provided by the Bloxbytes Games and playing complete quest and getting badges.


IF you have managed to find your way into Ghost world long before you have completed all the quest for the tech in the main Hub you Need Hoverboard tech, Magnet tech and Multi-Stream tech to make it in this game to help your Enjoyment in the game do return to the main hub and get the Ghosthunter Technologies by finishing and getting badges for the quests

Once again also you must join the bloxbyte Group on Roblox For even more information even faster we recommend adding them on Discord and click the game follow button once again once you do there here are all the active codes for the ghost simulator

  • BB250K: Redeem this code and get the Reward Byte
  • 1YEAR: Redeem this code and get the Reward One Year Bag
  • THEEND: Redeem this code and get the Reward Gears and The End Code
  • PLAY: Redeem this code and get the Reward The Cosmic Hand
  • JUNE: Redeem this code and get the Reward Flop
  • FIREFLY : Redeem this code and get the Reward Firefly Pet
  • R1FT : Redeem this code and get the Reward Purple Pegasus Pet
  • SPAC3 : Redeem this code and get Dave as a reward
  • YOUTUBE : Redeem this code and get the Reward Youtube Board and also Fire Pegasus Pet. But only for Star Program members
  • THANKYOU : But only for Alpha Testers

these codes will get you everything from million of gem to godly pets hoverboard and other Items that will help you in and through the game. so far as hoverboard tech magnet Multi-Stream Jet pack tech you have to play and complete quest to earn them no one can give them to you at all I have hundreds of hours of gameplay invested most but not all of it Live-Streamed as proof.

its a fun game great fun but I won't lie it is work it will keep you busy and returning time and time again to get through there is no easy way through the game yes you can pay Robux to skip loads of the game but that is the same as not playing the game why would you pay to not play the game just don't play right.

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