World for Two – A game about bringing life back to a barren world, now on Nintendo Switch™


The adventure game “World for Two” has been released internationally for the Nintendo Switch on September 17th, 2020, by room6 Co., Ltd., (HQ: Kyoto, Japan; CEO: Masashi Kimura).


About the game

World for Two is an adventure game, set in a beautiful pixel art world from which all animal life has been eradicated by a sudden catastrophe. The only survivor is a human known only as “the Professor”. The player will take control of the android built by the Professor, with the mission of bringing life back to this beautiful, but barren world.

The game was originally released on iOS and Android in June 2019, gaining an incredible amount of popularity and reaching the first place in the free game download ranking. A new, improved version has been released on Nintendo Switch™.

World for Two was released under the “Yokaze” label. Yokaze was established by room6 to publish carefully selected indie games chosen for their unique atmosphere and presentation.

These are some of the improvements on the new Nintendo Switch™ version.

Switch version improvements

  • All pixel-art animations have been redrawn to help the characters and creatures better come to life
  • 14 new creatures have been added
  • A new story, “Chapter 0”, revealing the Professor’s past, is available after finishing the game
  • All songs have been arranged and recorded for a piano and strings quintet
  • New songs by Daisuke Shiiba have been added
  • The text has been localized into English
  • Many more secret features have been added



One day, a terrible catastrophe strikes the world, killing all life except for one man who was hidden in an underground laboratory: the Professor.

After many years, he sets out on a new mission. He wants to recreate life. As he cannot exit the laboratory, he creates an android to aid him in his quest.

In this world without humans, only plants remain. It is a cruel but mesmerizing sight.

And now, the Professor and the Android will work together to bring life back.

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