Zombie Gamer we were Playing Ghost Simulator Live on Twitch, For all who have not Noticed there is a Bubble Gum Machine in Ghost World Where the Lester and the Jellys Play.

It usually takes a

Long Stream this Morning we Completed leveling up 2 pet to level 7 TOday For Ghosthunter JAX took us a bit we also Tool on the Mega boss battle with our Ghosthunter Buddies I made it a little more than halfway before my I was taken down by the mean and Nasty mega boss however we did far better than in the past Improving we are.

Zombie Gamer Tip from the CRYPT

AS all Know Before you are tough Enough to Take on that Mega boss your Self you are going to need the help of as many powerful ghost hunters on the server as possible.

My Tip from the Today Each ghost Spawns a rare yet equally valuable Rare Ghost Like Example the PiWheel Ghost will Spawn the Rarer Rays, my Tip rather than competing hog wild for all the ghost Make Friends Go Buddy hunting with another if you need Pinwheel Ghost Find a friend who needs Rays for a quest and play off each other together you get the pinwheels and your friend can pick up the Rays they need.

IF all work Together most are of Roughly the same level all get to a level and grow more powerful together to take on that mega boss in a larger group and all can get there hands on that datalink to open the back door all at the same time and you can work your way through there together as well.

I have one more note From today, I notice as I play in the game some who just come in-game and ask other players to trade their godly pet and Such to them or give them.

By its self, there is no harm in asking except to ask again and again after your told no, here is the main reason you will hear no #1 they may have spent a boatload of Robux to get the limited pet or the pet is so common you just need to play the game or go to the web and find all the codes turn the comes in to get them free before the codes expire.

there are no Less then 9 godly pets right now I know of you can get from active Codes and just playing the game and Getting completed quest badges asking for a pet after being told no if its a pet you can get as easy as playing the game is begging and it gives other Thought you care about the game and the pets less than they and other who worked for them so.

CODES FOR TODAY GHOST SIMULATOR BUBBLE This will Get you a Godly PET bubblegum machine GUMGUM THis will get you a Special Gumball

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