Meridian4 is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Wizard and The Slug, a story-driven 2D action-platformer produced by indie developer Robin ‘Silkworm’ Velu. Tentatively scheduled for official release on November 9th, 2020, The Wizard and The Slug is a hilarious game featuring a colorful protagonist and their silly sidekick traversing an oddball fantasy world!
Game Trailer:
The Wizard and The Slug will instantly charm you with its cute and colorful visual style. When a fugitive wizard meets a forest slug, a strange friendship is born. Together, they must journey through a fantasy world, unraveling the mystery surrounding an ancient curse. Your task is to play as the fastest, most agile slug in gaming history on its unforgettable quest with a spellcasting wizard as a sidekick!
The Wizard and The Slug has strong emphasis on humor, characters interaction and story; explore a dangerous world full of crazy obstacles and enemies and partake in a 3-act story utilizing fun controls integrated with a unique health system (be sure to check the press kit link below to learn more).
The Wizard and The Slug is proof that even a shell-less gastropod has the prospect of becoming a true hero. Make friends as you play, battle enemies, take advantage of your wizardry sidekick to cast spells during battles, and get ready for the coolest arcade adventure coming to a PC near you. Be sure you Wishlist the game today!   
Reserve your copy of The Wizard and The Slug on STEAM™ today:


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