Ghost hunter Zombie Gamer Playing Roblox Ghost Simulator Easy Like Sunday questing, wow long day of ghost hunting we only had 2 Boss bait to draw out the ghost bosses we had to wait out the timer for the other 5 bosses and then the quest for Ghosthunter Jax Could them 125 music sheet taken longer to collect why cant that bongo ghost just memorizes the music or something Really.

It usually takes a

A bit noisy in the background still we are in our second week in Quarantine with sick kids and no Test results, but Fandom Fare Kids Marches on we are unscripted and live streaming as you can tell there is no redos life just goes on as it will.

Zombie Gamer Tips from the CRYPT

Whenever you Get Boss quests from other Biomes it for Bosses in the main Hub Be Sure to Check your Inventory for Boss Bait, many times the Ghost quest will Provide them this help you don't have to wait out the timer for the boss battles you can use a boss bait and let the battle begin.

Sorry for the part 2 accidentally hit the wrong button and stopped the stream everyone here is still ill not feeling too the good we are all at various stages of what ever it is so some are not entirely them selves the last week or so really need this to be over PLease turn on them Notifications on twitch follow us we do thank you for your support I know we have fans out there I have a day in games I get many coming at me asking question looking for help and tips.

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