Zombie Gamer We are in Ghost Simulator back in Ghost World. on ROBLOX finished the quest for fern and received 25 crate keys and a new Godly hoverboard tried to help a few fellow hunters in there quest collect Items from ghost in the Castle.

It usually takes a

Our Tip of the day When you are looking for help collecting Item from ghosts always be the first to tap the ghost for a bit you don't have to hang around the Items will find you no matter where you are in the world. if you are a second or third Ghosthunter to join in taking the Souls from the ghost 9 times out of 10 you will only get gems or even just credit for the catch.

there is no need to FIght over the Items there are so many other quests to be filled, and any items you collect before you get a quest from any NPC will count when one asks for it so there is no such thing as collecting needed items. When you're In Ghost world don't forget to keep collecting the Items required to Open the music Iland this is a bonus area there is a chest to collect bonus gems and each ghost give extra gems in all bonus areas and believe me in ghost world gems and even crate key will be needed as an opening load of pet crates will be necessary to get through and collect the badges. I have been through over 200 Crate keys and more gems then I care to count already and we still don't have all the badges.


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