Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games are pleased to reveal that the first major update since Deep Rock Galactic dug its way out of Early Access in May will officially launch on October 8th! The hulking update brings two brand new mission types, ‘Escort Duty’, a combat heavy endeavour sending dwarves after the mysterious Ommoran Heartstone, and ‘On-Site Refining’, tasking miners with locating Liquid Morkite wells, mastering the new pipeline traversal system and pumping those deposits dry! Update 32 also launches the new Deep Rock Galactic Fall Collection with a beautiful selection of new Beards, Headwear, and Hairdos, as well as a new cosmetic DLC pack, and much more.
Deep Rock Galactic launched 1.0 on Steam and Xbox One on May 13th this year after recruiting over a million enterprising space dwarfs in Early Access, and this is the first major update since the launch of the co-op first, dwarf mining space shooter. Alongside the vast array of new content, Update 32 will also launch alongside a brand new Roughneck DLC Pack, aimed squarely at no nonsense hard working dwarfs who’ve grown tired of the space marine uniform. The new DLC offers four new sets of unique armor, new helmets, and Paintjobs, inviting Deep Rock Galactic personnel to show off their figurative guns and choice selection of tattoos. 
The new missions types launching in Update 32 introduce an array of new tools, systems and tasks to continue evolving the Deep Rock Galactic experience. On-Site Refining tasks miners with filling the new On-Site Refinery, hooking them up to the orbital-insertion industrial Pumpjacks, building huge, winding pipelines and extracting Liquid Morkite. The high risk, high reward, and misleadingly titled ‘Escort Duty’, sends enterprising dwarfs after the mysterious Ommoran Heartstone. Only the specially built autonomous Drilldozer can make it through the outer shell of the Ommoran and reveal the prize inside. Your job is to keep the machine safe and fueled as it digs its way towards the objective. 
In addition to new mission types, new cosmetics, and new DLC, Update 32 will also launch with a series of technical upgrades to improve the miner experience. Deep Rock Galactic has invested in an enhanced Assignment Board, an array of weapon balances, new milestones and achievements, and new dwarf-shouts to keep the party motivated, as well as a new Roughnecks At Work Assignment, offering a crash course in how to safely complete the new missions and make it back alive.
Download the press kit here.
Deep Rock Galactic is available now on SteamXbox One & Microsoft Store at $29.99/€29.99/£24.99. 
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