Zombie Gamer playing ROBLOX Ghost Simulator Playing through ghost world

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Zombie Gamer playing ROBLOX Ghost Simulator Playing through Yes I skipped the Timed Hoverboard obby we have been trying to get that to work since July the reason is there is no start button for us to push to start the clock so when we finish it it is pointless to press the stop button.

Want to thank all on Twitch who are watching us today we have been missing a lot on twitch since the lockdown working on regrouping and rebuilding our new brand Fandom Fare kid Family social distance gaming.

we are a family of 4 here and I have another family in the states with kids of there own the grandkids and my younger family make up #TeamKids with school restating the team has had it had full with school some home online some in school also Illness there is a pandemic out there and all on to of flu season.

Facebook is where we have our Largest following however this morning something odd happened we received notice about violating the rights of a group relate to a Vbuck generator the web address does not exist and we in no way play Fortnite or deal in Vbuckwhat ever they are in general we use Roblox Free to play we have spent $20 or less on Robux even in the last 8 month for in-game purchases. we also play Minecraft.

we can be fount fandom are our blog, discord, Twitter, Roblox, twitch, youtube

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