Zombie Gamer Playing ROBLOX Ghost Simulator Getting sso very close to Jetpack technology in not all Clear on what this technology can do and to be honest I have not seen an example of it in any other past of the game like we have hoverboards, magnet tech, and muti stream and such these have followed to all new areas the jetpack we have not seen in use to be honest at all as of yet not even in the backdoor that I know of speaking for my self and I have been here in the game since Spring.

Just Jetpack tech is cool it gives you a double jump that activates the jetpack and though each is testing I am sure if you dod ti right you can get to the tops of many parkours where the finish is for the clues and such.

we finally have Ian interested in the Ghost simulator he has a lot of work to do to catch up and there is the super Mario release happening today he is very interested in but he started playing last night going to get his attention as often as we can and help him get leveled up fast.

going to test out fast track Idea for this game on his account I think it will better than double his upgrades and progress in the game I guess we will find out.


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