Zombie Gamer Playing Ghost Simulator we continue to push ahead in the game

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Zombie Gamer Playing Ghost Simulator made level 14 in the backdoor things are very different and I don't know where all this is headed we are just going with the flow it seems to be pushing for the more rapid opening of all areas than anything.

I do believe it is possible this new realm is still a bit out of balance in it economy and I think they underestimated the power boost needed to keep the game moving and excited. no mater we love this game it is a top 5 of 5 start winner and we recommend it always.

PETS I think I will never get over the waste of opening pet crates for the sake of just opening and tossing out or deleting them again and again. I love the Idea of Teams they came out with how every it would serve more purpose if each group of pets helped in different areas in different ways if various pet complement human weakness in in different areas the team of pets for each situation would make sense.

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