Roguelite city builder gets a demo and the first trailer!


Against the Storm’—a roguelite city builder set in the world where it never stops to rain—qualified for the final of Digital Dragons Indie Showcase. For this occasion, developers from Eremite Games released the first gameplay trailer and a Steam demo available for a limited time.

The demo lets players manage a city inhabited by lizards, beavers, and humans—the last species to survive the unforgiving conditions of the ever-lasting rain. The player’s task is to manage their different needs and fulfill the Queen’s orders before she grows impatient.

The first gameplay trailer debuted with the demo and showed the basic mechanics that players can expect in the game. The trailer also revealed that ‘Against the Storm’ will launch on GOG alongside Steam.

‘We aim for the 70% city builder and 30% roguelite ratio’, says the game’s producer. ‘It’s a challenging task but we’re incorporating the feedback from players from both communities to make sure they get a fresh, unique experience.’

You can download the demo on Steam and vote for the game in the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase competition until September 18.

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