Zombie Gamer Playing Ghost Simulator well That Happened we got the datalink from the Castle Guard

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Zombie Gamer Playing ROBLOX Ghost Simulator Moving on and up now that things are back in full swing with the game it's up and away . in the next days I hope to be able to get the Robux to jump ahead past the lobby quest the kids a;; now back in school NY team kids the first day was this morning

We beat the mega boss level and the DATALINK I didn't not personally meet the Mega boss I got taken out very close to the end but the group I was in did I got the datalink this is one of the things so long in coming almost 2 months we have been sitting on that quest, now it time to Enter A new Chapter in our play.

we got the promotion !!!

We are always Hopefull but this was not a pan or a goal for today so Yeah great day, I believe this will open all the Areas that I know of in the game there may be more because there are more Anttena updates to hunt for now however this opens a whole new chapter in our Ghost hunting Saga for sure.

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