Enjoy indie gems at PAX Online X EGX Digital, brought to you by the Indie Games Poland Foundation. Demos, streams, and panels await!


Those who are most interested in the hands-on experience will get the chance to play most of the 20 games available in the Polish booth. Gamers and media interested in lurking behind the curtain of the Polish indie gaming scene should save the date for the “Once Upon a Time in… Poland” panel. And those who prefer to watch the gameplay first before they decide if they want to try out the game themselves should follow the PolskiGamedev Twitch channel for exclusive streams. In other words, in whatever group you are, you’ll definitely find something interesting when it comes to Polish gaming at PAX x EGX this year.

But instead of just taking our word for it, watch THIS video showing all the games in action.

More details about each of these games can be found on the Indie Games Poland Foundation’s event landing page (http://igp.org.pl/paxegx2020/), and the event’s website (https://www.paxegx.com/).

Don’t like clicking and would rather have a simple list of all games available? We’ve got you covered! Just take a look below:

4 Minutes to the Apocalypse – Atomic Wolf

Danger Scavenger – Star Drifters (demo available)

Fury Unleashed – Awesome Games Studio (demo available)

Gatewalkers – A2 Softworks (demo available)

Hell Architect – Woodland Games (demo available)

Hellish Quart – Kubold

Inkulinati – Yaza Games – demo available

Lust from Beyond – Movie Games (demo available)

Model Builder – Moonlit, Kuba Wójcik (demo available)

Natural Instincts DreamStorm Studios (demo available)

Prison Simulator – Baked Games (demo available)

Rustler – Jutsu Games (demo available)

SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game – Evil Indie Games

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – FishTankStudio (demo available)

Stargaze – Played With Fire (demo available)

Strings Theory – BeautifulBee (demo available)

The Last Show of Mr. Chardish – Punk Notion (demo available)

This is the Zodiac Speaking – Punch Punk Games (demo available)

Uragun – Kool2Play (demo available)

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest – Different Tales (demo available)

All demos available are public ones, so there’s no need for appointment scheduling.

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