Zombie Gamer Playing Roblox Ghost Simulator YEAH we got some Ghost hunting in today

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Zombie Gamer Playing Roblox Ghost Simulator, hey the Sell button is fixed ok I was not going to do a stream till later but the Devs have the Glitch in the sell button for Ghost world fixed and all should know ghost hunter is back in business full throttle thanx for the Sunday repair guys

Yesterday was we only got to have a short stream for the team update on Ghost Simulator because of problems with the sell button BloxByte spent much of the weekend sorting out. really missed the chance to play. many Roughed it out and moved back to the main hub to empty there pack each time but my test of that seemed you got credit for catches but nor soul exchange.

this is a great game we are looking forward to more and it's looking like we are gonna have to get some Robux and skip through the hobbies I have been trying for more than a week completed just one. also been asking the team for help they are not exactly jumping on that either so pay through we shall to keep our game moving forward.

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