Zombie Gamer Playing ROBLOX Bee simulator Trying to be more productive

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Zombie Gamer Playing ROBLOX Bee simulator trying harder we are really pushing our goal bees at level 9 and above 35 bees in the hive, we are getting way more productive producing more honey in a shorter period of time I think we need to change out the honey dripper for something that can work far better the rake or something we have had tools that are far more effective.

I think im going to continue with my goal of more bees and leveling them up at this point in time things are getting so costly more equipment without buying it with Robux is very time-consuming for making a video live stream I don't have the ability to skip ahead im not DR who.

Stick with us we are going to Continue our fall theme on fandomfare kids we need to roll with it as developer roll out the update so far we have Ghost Simulator Teams which is a Sports and type update f sorts update and Piggy Book2 Chapter 1 Which is a whole new Season of the Psyco Pig I have been hearing lots about the Roblox Halloween update and JailBreak Adoptme updates as well so there is lots coming in the next day.

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