Zombie Gamer Playing ROBLOX Ghost Simulator New Team update we have codes

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Zombie Gamer Playing ROBLOX Ghost Simulator New Team update, Yes there is a new Teams update and we have a code for a new team Pet Enter code SQUAD to redeem for your new TEAM PET #GhostKingpet

OK, hERE IS THE DEAL RIGHT NOW THE GAME IN GHOST WORLD HAS A BUG GLITCH, you can not sell or empty your pack, if you switch hubs or restart the game you back the pack is empty you get catch credit but your soul number pay off does not increase.

we are going to give this a bite there are now many surprised and upset players just starting to discover the issues and I am sure they will be fixing this in a short time.

Ok Sadly the update in ghost world has a glitch, however, we love the new update and the Idea of being able to save up to three pest and hoverboard event teams. I know it says there are more team pets coming and no doubt there are going to be a few events coming to build them pet hoverboard teams for coming in the near future.

Don't forget to Redeem the Code for this update which is SQUAD  get you Ghost King Pet

we will keep checking the game for the bug fis and get back to it as soon as possible I would keep playing through but we are trying to grind to upgrade out the equipment the glitch is making earning the credit for that impossible you can still finish the quest but you cant get paid for the catches.

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