Inertial Drift now available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam


PQube and developer Level 91 Entertainment are excited to release Inertial Drift today! The 1-on-1 arcade racer, featuring a driving experience genuinely unlike anything you’ve played before, is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam! The Xbox One version will follow later this year.
Media impressions after their joyrides:
Inertial Drift is an espresso shot full of arcade-y goodness. Its approach to drifting isn’t just intuitive, but it encapsulates that Initial D fantasy wonderfully.

Taking a healthy dose of inspiration from Ridge Racer Type 4, Inertial Drift is a unique arcade racer with an exquisite core mechanic.

More than just a racing game, it’s a set of systems for player expression, putting them right in the shoes of a hotshot rookie on the warpath to becoming a drifting master.

 Get a glimpse of the action with our Launch Trailer:

 Set in a 90’s retro futureInertial Drift is an arcade racer with a devastatingly unique handling model and unbelievably satisfying twin-stick drift mechanics. It offers a whole new level of accessibility and challenge to the arcade racing genre – for a driving experience genuinely unlike anything you’ve played before.PC players can try Inertial Drift‘s Sunset Prologue for free on

Unique Twin-Stick Controls
 The right hand stick of the gamepad solely controls your car’s drifting, allowing for extremely satisfying and precise maneuvers. Intuitive for new players – uniquely challenging for pros!

7 different Modes and Local/Online Multiplayer
 A diverse mix of races awaits, including a Story mode, head-to-heads, ghost battles, time trials, style showdowns, local and online multiplayer as well as much more on 20 different tracks! 

16 Fiercely Individual Cars
 Each vehicle is a totally different beast with unique characteristics to master. Get behind the wheel of Sport hatchbacks, Coupe’s, Supercars & more!

Inertial Drift is out now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam. The Xbox One version will be available later this year!

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