Zombie Gamer ROBLOX Playing Ghost Simulator an unexpected visit to the Mega boss

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Zombie Gamer ROBLOX Playing Ghost Simulator Starting some new quest exploring music Island so yesterday we left off completing the old quest and meeting a new ghost hunter the same dilemma do I break my own rule of not paying to skip ahead in the quest I cant not complete or not.

today the answer to an age-old question is it possible to survive battles in minecraft against the Ender dragon and be Defeated by the Mega boss in GHost Simulator the answer is YES! Absolutely happened to me today.

Even if it sounds like an Excuse, in all honesty, I was never expecting a mega boss battle today at all but when this guy called out looking for help I couldn't resist the opportunity to try I was ill-equipped I never took out the godly pets I just had the low-end pet I wad training leveling up to complete the quest.

I am very behind on Ghost simulator fandom fare kids has been very busy since july .

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