Check Out Two New Videos for Mortal Shell Including an Insane Speedrun

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Alright, so like I said, this is a totally informal ICYMI! If you’d like to publish or share either of these, we’d be happy to see it, but let’s keep expectations to a minimum, shall we? Who needs a stuffy press release on a Friday anyway!

First up, let’s have a look at the Mortal Shell accolades trailer! Souls-like fans from around the world have now had the chance to jump into Mortal Shell and by all accounts people were pleasantly surprised by what Cold Symmetry was able to pull off with such a small, but dedicated team. Check out the trailer below to see what media had to say:

Next up, you can check out a pretty ridiculous speedrun of Mortal Shell alongside some hilarious commentary from the Cold Symmetry team as they guested on IGN’s ‘Devs React to Speedruns’ show!

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Mortal Shell is priced at $29.99 (€29.99 / £24.99) on the Epic Games Store, the PlayStation Store, and Xbox Games Store. The PC version comes to the Epic Games Store as a timed-exclusive. A Steam version will release later in 2021. 

About Cold Symmetry

Cold Symmetry, founded in 2017 by a core team of four, is best known for its debut title Mortal Shell. The studio is composed of AAA veterans with a strong passion for making games of their own. Their distributed development model allows them to work with the brightest and most talented people in the industry around the world.

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