Zombie Gamer ROBLOX Playing bee swarm simulator trying to find the next thing

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Zombie Gamer ROBLOX Playing bee swarm simulator we changed things up and level to get to level 35, it's hard to know where to go next di I continue to work on Hive size first or do I keep grinding to get equipment to make the bees sting more vicious and get the 30 I have up to 9 and 10 levels.

I know it seems like we have come a long way but in reality, we have only completed less than 43% of the game at this point things now are so dear and costly its always hard to know what will be of more value to invest in.

we got a little more practice with the parachute in today I think we will get the hang of it that is one of the items I should have got a while back many kept telling me but I just could see the need but the ability to zip to whatever area and felid you like quickly is handy.

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