Zombie Gamer ROBLOX Ghost Simulator Find ways to move ahead

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Zombie Gamer ROBLOX Ghost Simulator working to upgrade our equipment most our quests are locked up right now with Obbys I am having a problem completing we are still trying to grind Fund to upgrade our equipment.

Today I started the Ghost Simulator stream with a bit of doubt in my thinking about getting something done but it turned out to be a most productive day indeed. we got the Music Medows biome open Finished a near 3-month-old quest for Ghosthunter Victor and Got a new questline from the Ghosthunter in Music meadow I call that a win all around

Thanks to the new followers to our Facebook page we picked up today, we are Family social Distance gaming, Fandom Fare Kids GO #TEAMKID the Kids are back to School now during the morning But we are still bringing all the games your way new and old.

we bring our family together in Lockdown together through Social Distance Gaming across Citys and 2 countries 4 Generation of us we can be found on Facebook and YouTube Twitter Instagram, Twitch, Discord and Beyond we have been at this for more than a few years but even more so over the last 7 month or so we are now gaming ROBLOX, Minecraft might see us playing TROVE, Warframe, Hello Neighbor from time to time and many others.

Fandom fare Fare Kids is the fall place to be we will be bringing seasonal favorite and new games we find on Roblox through the fall, we have a new series starting I think it will be Saturday evenings Family Game night we will attempt to play by a random spin of a wheel a Roblox game the wheel stops at.

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