Zombie Gamer Playing MTG ARENA Lots of quest to catch up on ok today we have 3 quests to catch up 2 of the red and white spells and the other cast creatures in theory this should be a cakewalk in the arena most like not so much.

It usually takes a

there is unmistakable drop-in support and following for streams of MTG Arena Not just my streams hearing it all over there is just this lack of excitement for it there use to be even with the lockdown in them that made it impossible to play in stores and such for many months and in some countries still not able.

hands did ROBLOX, Minecraft and other games have far more following excitement and support, and thanks to them for supporting our Family Social Gaming Platform we started with Fandom fare kids in the last 6 months our following has increased Triple even as they kids restart school and thing quiet down some.

Not to worry we will continue with the same excitement we started with and in a short time the kids will get used to their new pace and be back to there old selves gaming as always and we will be looking to grow our social distance gaming Group as well. it's not a job it's not Esports we simple pay in fun and a good time gaming not necessarily winning gaming is about challenge not winning though that is exciting too we enjoy sharing time and laughing as a group in online games.


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