Fandom Fare Kids Social Distance gaming TEAM KIDS Playing ROBLOX PUMPKIN SIMULATOR were carving pumpkins and Zombies for Candy which in an ODD twist of fate is Currency in this great Halloween game. we went in this morning with Ellie who wanted to play then Decided didn't want to do the work to get the seeds to upgrade her role in the game.

Team Kids Ellie this morning trying to tell me after askingto play she don't like new games while down loading a new game ap on her Tablet and fighting with her mother for the switch to see a new update on animal crossings all at the same time

Ellie is one of the younger members of Team Kids She is Also our DISTRACTED GAMER OF THE WEEK her and her niece faith are only 4 years old She just started kindergarten this year well last year JK this year SK, She has been playing Roblox for nearly 7 Month She is learning a lot of controls and sits and play about any game and gives then all run for there money or in this case Robux.

Pumpkin Simulator is a great game it seems to have Glitches at times, also I have recently switched from a wireless mouse to a wired one it saves on battery but it is also faster responding than wireless which some time lags or plan just don't get the Bluetooth signal many things interfere like microwave misers and such.

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