My fan Super Mario 2d remasters trailer


Hello, I am the maker of the not famous Super Mario 2d remasters fan trailer, I made it to think about things that Nintendo could do for Mario's 35th anniversary, and I'm proud of it. Today I would like to talk about certain things that popped up in my creation prosses

So lets start with a comparison of these 2 marios

Tell me, what Mario looks better?

Now let's go to the Mario 35th anniversary imaginary event prosses

1. Getting the photos

The photos were taken from the results of searching Nintendo Mario on Google Images

2. Editing the photos

The photos took 3 tries to get them all right, but for this one, I hadn't had any problems yet.

3. Making the Trailer

The trailer took an hour to do each time I edited but I believed in the saying...

"Anything is possible if you set your mind to it"

-Someone, like maybe Nintendo? A historical famous guy? Who knows?

And so I got to work and I thought I had done it but it failed, so back to step 2

2.2. Editing the pics again

I found 2 issues in the multiplayer and 3d cutscenes pics

and same goes for the 3d cutscenes

So yes I fixed them, lets go to step 3

2.3. Making the Trailer again

Lucky me! I saved the first copy of the Mario Trailer to tinker with if the video didn't work out, so guess what I did. I messed up... again... but that's ok ill try again.

2.5.?. Tinkering around

Before I fix my issue I want to tinker around a bit and I did! I tried some music, found a weirder but good order, and got ready to make the final adjustments.

3.2.2. Redoing the images for the millonth time

I fixed 3d cutscenes again.

Ok next. part of my own Mario 35th anniversary event...

3.2.3. Making the Trailer Again Again

I made it and............... IT WORKED!!!! I then made a video.

I think Mario's 35th Anniversary went great, What do you think?

Thanks for reading My Nintendo themed article! Bye! See you next time!

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