Today marks the beginning of the 35th Anniversary Mario celebration going on till March 2021! Along with that hey revealed some new Mario stuff!

The Direct Annoncements

  1. The Brand new Game and Watch Mario bros edition
  2. Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers fury
  3. MarioKart LIVE Home Circuit
  4. Super Mario 3d All Stars
  5. Digital Only Limited Online Exclusive Game “Super Mario Bros. 35”
  6. My Nintendo Missions and Rewards
  7. MarioKart Tour Event
  8. 35th Themed Merchandise at the Nintendo store and website
  9. Super Mario Maker 2 35th Themed Ninji Course
  10. Special SSB Tournament
  11. Mario Themed Splatfest
  12. Splatfest Keychains and Physical T-Shirts
  13. Mario Themed Animal Crossing Furniture
  14. Mario Shoes, “BlackMilk”, Monopoly and Jenga Games, Figure, Lego!
  15. Super Mario All Stars on The Online SNES collection
  16. 3d All Stars Music player mode

And dont forget UNAnnounced things

  1. MarioKart LIVE Home Circuit Requires your own switch and kart.
  2. The Galaxy Motion controls are OPTIONAL!
  3. There will be a New Switch Bundle containing MarioKart LIVE Home Tour, The Switch, Kart, And the Track construction set!
  4. Mario 64 Will not be Full Screened in both modes.
  5. (This one WAS announced but it was briefly said) The Super Mario 3d All Stars game will only sell for a limited time!
  6. Super Mario 3d World will have Online Play

How do you like the new announcements? Do you want to play the Mario games as soon as they come out? Well lucky for you the games Super Mario 3d All Stars and Super Mario 3d World + Bowsers Fury are now available to Pre-Purchase!


Thanks For Reading! See you next time! Bye Bye!

By Ian

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