The multiplayer stealth-em-up Murderous Pursuits is celebrating its official launch in Europe, Americas, Oceania and Africa, with a brand-new event – Mr. X’s Partner Program, which is aim at recruiting content creators. Players from around the world are welcome to sign up to be part of the community!

Classic Gameplay:

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Players step into the shoes of a top assassin in the Victorian era, who, like many other assassins receive a secret mission from the mysterious Mr. X – attend a party aboard the H.M.C.S. Britannic and eliminate their targets. To secretly track and take out a target, players must pay close attention to others, carefully observe the surrounding environment and look for clues to identify suspicious people amongst the passengers without drawing too much attention to themselves. Join the game today!
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Details for Mr. X’s Partner Program

Anyone who love Murderous Pursuits and are willing to show off their operations and tricks through live broadcast, video, etc., are  encouraged  to join. Participants will not only be able to receive basic rewards of this event listed below, but also the opportunity to become an official co-creator for Murderous Pursuits! Once participants get official certification, they will be given exclusive game benefits such as diamonds and customized avatars, and the development team will officially support and promote their videos.

Participation Guideline:
Video Submission: do a live broadcast (no less than 20 minutes) or video (no less than 2 minutes) related to Murderous Pursuits mobile game on YouTube or Facebook
Submit the video link and complete other information on the registration page:

Event Period: September 3 – September 24
* Result will be announced within one week after the submission time ends, and contact the awards within one month after the results are announced.

For the Asia server, the Europe server, and the Americas server, the top 30 authors in views and the top 10 authors in video submissions will be selected to receive rewards.

For more details, please visit:


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