The Super Mario 35th Anniversary 3d Remasters Rumor.


It all started in March of this year when someone started rumoring that for Mario’s 35th Anniversary there would be a 3d Remasters coming out for Switch.

The Rise

It has now become a HUGE deal, but how did this come to be?

It all started when everyone picked up on the Rumor and uploaded YouTube videos about it. People are going NUTS for it, so it only makes sense, I mean I’ve also uploaded videos as well, you can check them out on my channel Ian Dambrosi! In April the game rumors only became more popular and soon they took the world by storm, and people also posted memes saying “Its Gonna Be May” and that’s annoying. Its May and ya nothing new here. Travel to August and people are now giving a rough date, Guess what… IT WAS WRONG!!!

Now it’s the 35th month of Mario, and what came from tha… THEY HAVE GIVEN US A NEW DATE!! They say its this week… it’s also almost the end of this week… it’s probably WRONG!!!

And that’s the road to the remasters. Do you believe, Do you think is the 2d remasters? That’s all folks!

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