Minecraft’s New Ender Dragon Crash

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Minecraft is an Amazing sandbox/story game. With its endless possibility, Minecraft still has its end, and with that end, it still has its Limits.

The Ender dragon crash

This crash is a Creative ONLY crash, so this cant be done in survival, (without Creative) But its still a fun way to crash your game! Here are the simple steps

  1. Type the command /Give @s Command_block 1
  2. Set the Command block to a Repeating Command block
  3. Set the Command to summon ender_dragon [spot above the command block]
  4. Pull the Lever (don't put it on top)
  5. Wait a bit
  6. in your command bar type /kill @e
  7. Let your game crash with the sound of all the dragons

NPC egg giver

This is an amazing discovery that must be used to make maps from now on. All you have to do is type this command: /Give @s Spawn_egg 1 51

Look at Those Chompers

This simple and easy illusion has to do with the evocation fangs and the way they act. If you put this command into a repeating command block: /summon evocation_fang [spot above the command block]

Then you will be able to look at those chompers!

This all happened in our latest video on our Facebook page: Richard Dambrosi - Jadiri Gamer

Also here is our channel: Fandomfare kids

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