Altergaze launches a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to acquire funds for the launch of HoverGrease, their first game, a 5v5 top-down shooter that mixes the traditional elements of a team-objective FPS with the fast-paced arcade-like game mechanics of a twin-stick gameplay. The game launch event is expected to be in the first half of 2021, but the die-hard fans will be given early access to the game in December 2020.

Overall, HoverGrease mixes the feeling of traditional first-person shooters, with fast-paced arcade-like characters via top-down game mechanics. The game takes place in a character-filled neon-futuristic world, where human-animal mutations are not just a possibility, but a reality. Thanks to this, players can choose among the 10 unique mutant heroes, each with their own skill sets and weapons.

Despite its top-down perspective, which is widely associated with MOBAs, HoverGrease has been developed to feel like a modern shooter. Movement takes place utilising either traditional WASD keys and mouse controls or through the use of twin-sticks on a gamepad. Although players can make use of a variety of character specific ‘builds’, skills are still more important during gameplay. Nevertheless, strategy and a good team can trump natural skill.

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Gameplay is extremely fast paced, but easy to pick up, and has been very popular among less experienced players, as well as esports enthusiasts during early play tests and the ongoing beta, ensuring that the game caters to all levels of experience. HoverGrease is also fair and accessible to all players – everyone starts with the same amount of credit in round one, there is no pay-to-win or cheats. Altergaze is aiming to approach the esports market as well, as HoverGrease was designed with competitiveness in mind, making it perfect for tournaments and worldwide environments.

Developed by the creative duo Alexandra Stancu and Liviu B. Antoni, HoverGrease is a testament to what dedicated and talented Indie developers can do when they put their heart into it. After hearing from so many publishers and investors that a multiplayer game could not be delivered by a small team, HoverGrease is an example of the ‘impossible’.

The HoverGrease Kickstarter page can be found at The Kickstarter campaign will be launched on August 29, 1pm UK time.

For just a taste of what’s to come, you can check out our trailer here:


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