Chained Echoes and Vesper NS PC PS4


Two world premiers from Spotlight for the Indie Arena Booth

Digital Gamescom has started. The Indie Arena Booth is now live. And Deck13 Spotlight offers two world premiers: For the very first time, Vesper, a 90’s inspired atmospheric platformer is playable with a globally released Demo. And Chained Echoes, the JRPG from Germany, is also playable for the very first time.

Deck13 Spotlight takes part in the digital gamescom this year. The apocalypse won’t stop us from bringing awesome games your way! Check them out, either via their according booths inside the Indie Arena, or through the Steam demos.

About Vesper
You might think “This looks a lot like Limbo” but in reality, Vespers main inspiration is actually Abe’s Oddysee. Slip into the role of Seven, a tiny robot trapped inside a dangerous world. Take control of your enemies to solve puzzles and destroy their forces.

Steam: Click Here
GOG: Click Here

About Chained Echoes
A fully fleshed out JRPG created by a one man army. An innovative combat system meets a world full of quests, NPCs and enemies. The demo features around two hours of content including a massive bossfight.

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