Indie game developer Musclebird is proud to announce the official release of Waiting For The Raven, a unique game of espionage in a dark underworld blending several gaming genres into a compelling experimental atmospheric hybrid of first-person and top-down environments featuring mysteries to solve, letters to decipher, and truths to discover about your adversaries. Waiting For The Raven offers RTS and quest-like elements and is currently available on Early Access via STEAM™.
Early Access Video:
Waiting For The Raven includes two out of three planned chapters, each offering distinct methods of play. Combined, the two chapters offer about 15-25 hours of gameplay with the game’s core systems complete and functional. The games economy, puzzles, deciphering and encryption systems are all done, and the foundation is ready for the third and final chapter based on Early Access feedback and final improvements. The game is planned for an official release in about 3 months.
Waiting For The Raven includes the chapters The Oracles Of The Night and The Constabulary. In the former you play Julianna, an acolyte in a secret order dealing with espionage and in the latter, you play from a Police point-of-view offering an entirely different story and gameplay mechanics. The game offers multiple endings and your task is to play one of several characters, some of which are locked to begin with, and run your underworld empire from the confinement of your location. A raven is your informant and delivers and brings letters to your co-conspirators. Hire agents, spy on people, recruit assassins, overtake cites and carry out contract hits! This game has it all. Letters with clues must be deciphered, and you can dispose of your foes in many interesting ways.
Waiting For The Raven features English-only narration in superb quality and the medieval- and fantasy-themed gameplay is suitable to fans of unique experimental indie games. Strategy and simulation enthusiasts will also feel at home, and the game can be played from several perspectives; become a leader of the underworld, or a cult if you prefer; be a greedy businessman or an undercover spymaster! The choice is yours and the approach and path you take has an impact on everyone around you and their perception of you may change over time. Treachery, espionage, abductions, contract assassinations, schemes, bribes and seduction are all part of your arsenal of tools to exploit. How will you play, and which path will you follow?
Waiting For The Raven is available from here:
Journalists interested in further information, additional assets or a STEAM™ key for review may contact indie PR-specialist Hans Olsen by sending an email to [email protected]. Members of the press are encouraged to check out the following Hotlinks for recent news and updates.


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