Zombie gamer Banging my head in Roblox Arsenal

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Zombie gamer Banging my head in Roblox Arsenal this is Crazy I have yet to survive 32 minutes after spawning, heck been killed so many times so fast I think i was killed once or twice before I even spawned in

ok, it's not that we don't like Roblox Arsenal in all fairness it could be a great game if it didn't offer instant dead just for looking left and right not even moving from the spawn point, it reminds me an of a few Roblox games we tried to play where they clearly thought they were gaining interest by having a bot to attack you as soon as you logged in the server Prirate simulator one of them.

I don't know if the developer was aware of the issue or not I just know after writing them and pointing out the problem and how we thought it was a bit killing out interest in there game some days later we went back and the attack on the island we spawn on as we logged no longer happened also the nag request from the same player or bot to join there crew or Island also end the naggin request was so bad after being in the game 5 minutes you couldn't see the game to play it

SO to ROLVe the Developer of Arsenal if you are using a bot to immediately ump and attack the player or other using your game has them just know it has killed all interest we had of trying to make video and Live stream playing your game no matter the type of game one should be able to go in and explore the game at least a bit without having to get killed off and respawning I was there 2 hours today spawn in several different playing fields never got to click the forward button before dieing off just log in your server and you're dead.

the other thing I don't mind playing in the first person since that is how we all go through life unless we live to watch our selves ina mirror however in real life we have visual surrounding not just straight on views the eyes of everyone see more of a panoramic view as they look forward for the most part in full light no one could sneak up on you inanity direct but from behind your game works that way not so much.now. maybe that is a roblox thing maybe its a matter of the script .

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