Ian in Minecraft in a new Build Battle WorldNPC Scavenger Hunt

Live Game streaming Minecraft

Ian Built NPC scavenger hunt on a build battle world in Minecraft he spent a few days now working on this one let see what it about, I really like the concept of the NPC scavenger hunt and I think once he puts more time into developing it will be a fun and exciting game for a small group to play.

however as you can hear in the live Stream neither Ian nor his sister is in the frame of mind to take much time with this or anything it all about instant satisfaction that just doesn't happen in the build your own game world as Ian is learning you Really need your Storyline down and built into the game for the folding play to take off and he was only half armed with that storyline today,

he really needed to get some of his older friends interested in testing things with him putting demands on his 4 years old that are about 8 to 11 year beyond her ability will never work in real-world role play or gaming.

we are all Enjoying the mine craft play nearly as much as Roblox the difference is Roblox can bring us all together in the same game as a group a team and a family far more cost-effective than Minecraft, and far more effective overall and you can build and develop a game for free there to and even get them far more detail with scripting Roblox uses a simple coding LAU Coding for all its Scripting for Real moving cars boat and loads more the Imagination is the limit and Roblox studio is free to use though there are advantages to builder club and such.

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