Zombie Gamer Playing Roblox YouTube Tycoon Family game time

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Zombie Gamer Playing Roblox YouTube Tycoon Ian Ellie Zombie gamer Game nite, If this goes well enough we will make this a feature through the fall when school starts.

one this we forgot to tell you Ian won our little race to see who got the furthest with there tycoon in our hour of play he wasn't much ahead of me but he was on the lead all the same though he and Ellie did get a good head start before I got active in the game.

Ellie took up third as she spent much of her time playing group tag or tag team tycoon not worrying about advancing her tycoon the race for her was surviving leaving other players tycoons once she was in them and playing tag with Ian in-game and in real life

this is a fun liyyle game and we recomend giving it a try you can play at you own pace it does save your progress each time the tycoon is att least 3 stories and maybe underground not sure on that yet . .

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